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FRF partnered with Rinus Football for the development of a platform in support of coaches

The Romanian Football Federation has signed a partnership with the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) for the development of an online platform with training exercises for players in each age category, in support of Romanian coaches, called Rinus.

In accordance with the Technical Strategy of the FRF, launched in 2021, the Romanian Football Federation aims to create an online tool for all coaches in Romania, regardless of the age group they work with.

The online platform will be available on any device, laptop, phone or tablet, and will contain training plans and exercise models, adaptable for each age group. For each exercise presented there will be its objective, its rules, the necessary materials, video animation explaining the exercise, images with the location of the training materials and the positioning of the players, as well as what are the options to make it more difficult or easier. Moreover, coaches will be able to create an entire training plan for a longer period.

Thus, all football coaches in Romania will have at their disposal a tool that will come to their aid. They will be able to implement a training in a professional way of working, similar to the Dutch model, but according to the Technical Strategy of FRF. Rinus Football is implemented by the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) at all age categories.

“Through the FRF Technical Strategy, we constantly put the player in the center of attention, aiming at his development from a technical, tactical, physical and mental point of view. The new platform that we will launch in the next period aims to be the main tool for all coaches who want to contribute in a professional way to the performance circuit by adapting their workouts for each age category. Thus, each coach will have access to a free online platform where he or she will be able to establish, depending on the training objective, the most suitable exercises. The platform is even more useful as the exercises will be presented according to the age level and will be accompanied by graphic examples and including video content. We know how important it is to prepare children and the fact that training is different for every age group and only by implementing this vision at all levels will we be able to increase the number of players and at the same time support the most talented children along the way towards high performance”, said Răzvan Burleanu, president of the Romanian Football Federation.

Improving football by making use of innovative technology is a key asset in our strategy. Rinus, our online platform for coaches, helped us tremendously to reach out to all coaches in The Netherlands. We connect them to our national football philosophy and provide them with high-quality training sessions. We were very honored by the interest the FRF showed to use the platform. I’m convinced it will be of great value in the development of football in Romania. First focus will be on supporting the FRF in implementing Rinus Football. We are really looking forward to this great collaboration to make our partnership a success for the upcoming years”, said Marcel Lucassen, Director of Football Development of the Royal Netherlands Football Association.


It is named after the legendary football coach Rinus Michels, credited with inventing a style of play known as “Total Football”, which is the basis of the Dutch vision of football. Renowned for his attractive, innovative and offensive style of play, Rinus Michels was named “Coach of the 20th Century” by FIFA in 1999. Rinus Football is a Dutch Football Federation, Dotcomsport and NMC Bright company specialized in the implementation and provision of training software for football clubs and federations, from grassroots football to the highest level.